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I've recently decided to join the cleansing balm band wagon. After numerous YouTube video's on the cleansing sensation, it's easy to note that there is a huge cult following on cleansing balms, and I wanted to know why. A few of the most noted ones were one by Eve Lom, Emma Hardie and Elemis.

I wasn't too keen to part with my hard earned cash to try something that a. may break me out (ergh!) b. cost a fortune or c. simply something worth too much effort with minimal results. 

I then came across a company called Happy SkinCare, who have a focus on all natural and organic ingredients in their product line. I received a sample of their Pig-In-Mud mask a while ago (which I thoroughly enjoyed), so thought I'd see what else they had in their range. 

I quickly discovered they do a sample pack. Which contains:
- Cloud 9' Cleansing Balm - 5ml
- 'Tickled Pink' Perfecting Tonic - 5ml
- 'Good Vibes' Omega Facial Oil - 2ml
- 'Pig In Mud' Mineral Mask - 4g
WITH FREE AUSTRALIAN POSTAGE! And if that wasn't good enough, you can also redeem the cost (AUD$9.90) in future purchases. Win- Win situation? I think so. 

So off I went and ordered one, and a few days later there was a little package at my door. I was thrilled. The first time I used the cleansing balm, I took a pea sized amount (as instructed) and massaged onto my dry face. Initially there were a few small grainy bits( presumably hardened oils), which quickly melted into a luxuriously smooth balm. I washed and wiped my face gently with wash cloth. I have read on a few bloggers that they have found some cleansing balms left a "film-like" covering over the skin and I can honestly say I haven't experienced that with this balm. I then followed with two sprits of the perfecting tonic (which smells cloves and orange = joy in a bottle) wiping the excess off with a cotton pad. The Perfecting tonic is said to remove any remnants of the balm and as far as I can tell, it does (not that there feels like there is anyway).and then dotted some omega facial oil on. I was dubious at first about putting oil on my combination skin, as in the past many have just left an oily smear across my already oily face. Alas, this was not the case! Within a few seconds of massaging this oil in, it was quickly absorbed into my skin leaving it feeling moisturised and smooth. 

The next time I used the balm I took it into the shower with me. The consistency was instantly smooth, so I'm thinking the first time it was used the grainy bits are down to the postman leaving it outside in the cold (grr!). Anyway, I again took a pea sized amount, smoothed it over my skin and this time I used my Olay Professional Pro-Z Advanced Cleansing System- aka Clarisonic wannabe. I initially thought - hey I'll get the extra exfoliation and help it cleanse my skin, and I wouldn't say this was exactly the case. Yes, extra exfoliation did occur, but it also seemed to absorb and remove the precious balm from my face. Not so good. It also seemed to suck the balm into it's little bristles leaving an extra cleaning job for me. Again, not so good. 

I have since decided that if you are after the extra exfoliation with this, or any cleansing balm, a muslin cloth is best. I enjoyed using the cleansing balm in the shower, as my pores seemed more receptive to the cleansing powers of the balm and with the muslin cloth it also helped remove dead skin cells. 

Overall I am hooked. My face feels smooth, nourished, moisturised and calmed. One thing I must say is all the products smell heavenly. Kind of like a spa visit meets natural bliss. It's also safe on the eyes and great at removing water-proof makeup. 

Have you tried any cleansing balms recently?

Ellen Rozalia xx

*Disclaimer: Everything mentioned was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.
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