Wednesday, 13 August 2014

If you've read my recent Brush Cleansing post (link), then you will know that my choice of soap is the Dr Bronner's Magic Liquid Soap. For good reason too! Dr Bronner prides themselves on using certified fair trade organic ingredients and recycled plastic bottles. What you may not know, is that there are numerous uses of this liquid magic, and the list is vast. Besides cleaning my make-up brushes, I use this liquid soap for hand wash - little goes a long way and isn't drying for the skin, body wash, cleaning my Clarisonic brush head etc etc.

I also highly recommend taking a small little bottle on holidays with you. You may thing this is a little OTT, but let me list some scenario's below:

- I need to wash my: clothes, dishes, hands, body, face,  hair, but I don't have any "respective" soap.
- I forgot my shave cream and I'm showing my post winter legs tonight
-  I've made a mess/ the benches, floors etc are dirty, but I don't have any "insert here" soap

As you can see the uses stretch pretty far and some even use it as a tooth paste, which I probably wouldn't recommend unless you are partial to the taste of soap..

Also worth mentioning is that this is quite concentrated, so can easily dilute it without an issue (link).

So when I noted that there is a Queensland based stockist, Fitness Products Pty Ltd (link), that sells this product for a very good price, I decided to stock up! For reference I paid $15.07 AUD for 940 ml's. I decided to go for the Citrus Orange, Tea Tree, Rose, Almond, Lavender and Eucalyptus. Important to note, I believe in order to view products and order you do need to sign up, which to me is simple enough and well worth it!

I also threw in another cheeky purchase of the Pana Chocolate 80% raw chocolates. These are made in Australia from raw ingredients of cacao solids (cacao butter and powder) and dark agave nectar. That's it. They are handmade, low GI, no dairy, no soy, gluten free and  include no refined sugar and most importantly taste DIVINE! You may be thinking that 80% Cacao would be bitter and resigned to cooking, but as Pana Chocolate use raw ingredients, they are in fact much smoother and less bitter than other 80% offerings.

The people at Fitness Products were also lovely enough to throw in some Fruit and Nut bars from a company called Be-Kind, which I had never heard of before. Needless to say I had to demolish the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Bar before I managed to take the photo and it was very delicious! I don't think the other bars will be staying around for long...

Overall I am very happy with my purchases and if you are looking to buy some Dr Bronner's products, or health food in general I would definitely recommend looking at Fitness Products Pty Ltd (link).

Ellen Rozalia xx

** Disclaimer: I purchased all items mentioned with my own money and my opinions are honest and entirely my own. I received no compensation for this post.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

I remember the days when it was a constant compromise between sun protection and a flawless base. Thankfully those days are long behind us! Skincare companies now stock sunscreens designed to go under foundation and there is no longer the compromise in the end finish.

Even though we are in winter here in Australia, you can never be complacent when it comes to sun protection. Especially with my ultra fair English colourings, sun burn is never more than a few minutes away sans sunscreen.

Before I delve into my current sunscreen favourites, I thought I would share what I look for in a sunscreen. Firstly, it must sink into the skin - I don't want that oily film or typical "sunscreen feel" left behind. Secondly, it must wear all day without becoming oily and sit well under make-up. Thirdly, and most importantly, it must be UVA an UVB broad spectrum and sit either at SPF30 or higher.

So with that aside, here are my top picks:

Clockwise from left of main picture:
  1.  Ultraderm Daily Protector Moisturiser SPF30+(link)
  2. Vichy Capital Soleil Sunblock Stick SPF50+ (link)
  3. Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF50+ (link) 
  4. Banana Boat Faces SPF50+ (link) 
  5. Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+ For Normal To Combination Sensitive Skin (link)
  6. La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Extreme Fluid (link)

What are your go to SPF's?

Ellen Rozalia xx 

Friday, 25 July 2014

It's come around again to that day I tend to put off longer than I really should. If you're a brush addict like me, then this task can easily turn into a chore. However, once I get started there really is a therapeutic nature to it. Trust me! Especially when you use the Dr Bronner's Magic Soap in Lavender

Plus there is no need for any fancy gadgets or tools, other than a good quality liquid soap and a wash cloth. This is by far the best method I have tried to thoroughly clean your brushes, without damage. To begin I decant some of my liquid soap into a small container, which makes it far easier to clean brushes on mass! I then drape my wash cloth over the edge of my sink and use each corner for a different purpose. This may sound a bit OTT, but this ensures you don't mix the "dirty" side with the clean. I use one corner to work the soap into the brushes after a quick dip into the soap. I then slightly wet the brush and use the next corner to help break down any make-up residues. The third little corner is for the deep cleanse, where I soak the brush and  the little corner with water and wash away the make up.

The final little corner is used to ensure all soap is removed and there aren't any traces of make-up left.

To dry my brushes I lay out a towel and let the tips hang over the edge of my counter.

Some side little tips are:
  • Use warm,  not hot, water to wash your brushes. Otherwise you run the risk of melting any glue holding the hairs in place
  • Try to wash your brushes facing down to minimise the risk of water ending up in the ferrule part of the brush

Do you have any other tips you use?

Ellen Rozalia xx

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sometimes  I find myself sitting in front of the TV with a cup of tea, with an almost itch to do something. It's usually in the realms of self-pampering, so I'm talking face mask, lighting candles,face massage or tonight it was painting my nails. Since it's now feeling Wintery in Australia I thought I would go for a deeper hue. I'm sure I've already featured this particular Essie Shade - Bobbing for Baubles, but I couldn't resist!

Base Coat: Sally Hansen Triple Strong
Colour: Bobbing for Baubles
Top Coat: Seche Vite

What do you wear on you nails these wintery nights?

Ellen Rozalia xx

**Disclaimer: All items mentioned were purchased by me and my opinions remain honest and entirely my own.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

As per usual, I was on Cherry Culture looking for one thing and ended up buying another. I also ended up spending much more than I intended. Does this happen to you too? Anyway, I saw that Cherry Culture  had released their own Jumbo Shadow Liners, with a vast array of shades, and it sucked me in. They are $4 a pop and so I added quite a few into my basket in the hope that their claims of a "creamy, smudge resistant formula" would hold true.

I'm sure when I purchased these initially they also had a long-lasting claim in the description and I've also noticed that for an all-day-wear they suggest priming and setting with a loose powder. Which is what I would also suggest, as these without a primer and setting powder do sink into crease lines, however on the other hand don't smudge after setting.

L to R in Natural Light: 319- Platinum, 307- Spotlight, 306 – Temptation, 308 -Hit List , 310 – Groupie, 309- Frenzy, 313 –Muse, 312-Standout, 317-Oscar , 331- Glamorous, 328-Paparazzi, 333 – Access, 324-Velvet Rope, 311-Taboo, 318-A-Lister, 320-Studio

 L to R in Natural Light: 319- Platinum, 307- Spotlight, 306 – Temptation, 308 -Hit List , 310 – Groupie, 309- Frenzy, 313 –Muse
L to R in Natural Light: 312-Standout, 317-Oscar , 331- Glamorous, 328-Paparazzi, 333 – Access, 324-Velvet Rope, 311-Taboo, 318-A-Lister, 320-Studio

When it comes to the formula, I would definitely agree that they are creamy, very pigmented and once set are smudge resistant. So for $4, with the shades they offer I don't think you can go wrong. Just don't expect a long-lasting look without putting that extra effort in.

Then again, my search for the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's in pencil form still continues!

If you have any suggestions, feel more than free to leave them below :)

Ellen Rozalia xx

**Disclaimer: All items mentioned were purchased by me and my opinions are honest and entirely my own.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

If you're like me, it probably isn't until you sit down at work, on a date or anywhere away from nail polish remover really, that you notice your nails are well and truly chipped. Beyond saving and beyond hiding. It's usually in these situations that you don't want to be that person with your cotton wool pads, furiously scrubbing away at your nails before anyone notices.

This is where I suggest a new release from Beauty Theory, who are now selling a portable, convenient little pot of nail polish soaked sponge with a hole in the middle. Now this isn't something new on the market by any means, with the most notable to mind being the Bourjois 1 Second Magic Nail Polish Remover (Link). Unfortunately for those in Australia, these weren't available in stores.

So what is this offering like I hear you ask.

Does it remove nail polish? Why yes it does.

How well does it remove nail polish? Very well, I was quite impressed! It took a few little finger swirls in the bottle and it did help if I pressed my finger up to the sponge as I swirled my finger, but it left my nails residue  and importantly chip free.

Was it easy to use? Super easy! I think this is something that is hassle free, mess free and should be in reach at all times for the nail conscious.

Plus this Nail Polish Remover is also Acetone Free, so for those with allergies or wanting to steer away from acetone, this could be the perfect little hand bag addition

This will be retailing for $10 AUD for 80ml, so perhaps not the cheapest nail polish remover on the market, with the comparable product on the market being the Maybelline Express Nail Polish Remover $9.95 AUD for 75ml (link), but it does contain that little bit extra and works very efficiently and effectively.

Are you interested in this product? Have you tried similar ones on the market?

Ellen Rozalia xxx

** Disclaimer: This item was supplied to me for consideration, with no requirement to blog about it. As always my opinions remain honest and entirely my own.
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