Your New Shopping Friend

As like most people, I like to be on top of the sales, to know where I can find the best price and where the hottest new arrivals are. So when I came across the new app "Mall Shopper", I wondered how I ever did without it!

So this is for those of you based in Australia, where it enables you to hone in on where you are and which shopping district. For example in Brisbane, James St., Oxford St.....

You can find them on Facebook, their website, or have their sales secrets at a touch on your phone on the Apple Store, just seach "Mall Shopper" and it should be your first hit.

What I love about this App, is that it can be sorted around where you are, your personal interests and even keep a favourite list so you never miss a thing from your top shopping hot spots.

Do you use any shopping Apps? What are your sales tips and tricks?

Ellen Rozalia xx
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