Beauty blunders I've made and will never make again.

So this is the older and wiser version of myself who will never make these skincare/makeup mistakes (hopefully!) ever again.Mostly made in my teenage years when you thinking throwing things on your face will hide and eliminate all your problems.

These are the things I wish I'd told my past self (and the list probably forever grow):

  1. Slapping on a clay mask on your acne prone skin everynight is too much. You are making it worse. Let your skin heal!
  2.  Don't pick that spot. Squeezing the life and pus out of it doesn't make it go away any quicker. It actually spreads the bacteria further. Just don't. do. it. 
  3. Oil is not your enemy.Not only are they great as cleansers, but can be very moisturising for your oily skin. It will not make your skin more oily, but actually make it less.
  4. Once you start feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated.Your skin needs the moisture from inside and outside your body. 
  5. You have pale skin. Don't buy that foundation in the lightest shade, even though it is still too dark and don't let the sales assistant try to tell you it adds a "healthy glow" to your skin.
  6. Adding more and more bronzer to your cheeks will not make your cheeks look chiseled or your face thinner. You will have unsigntly orange stripes on the side of your face.
  7. Again you're pale. The sun will only damage your skin. The best tan is a fake tan and no matter how long you spend in the sun, you will only burn, turn red and peel. There is nothing healthy about a tan.
  8. Putting more and more powder on your face will not take away the shine. It will only cake and clog your pores. Learn about blotting paper and primers.
  9. Laying thick foundation on your face is not the way to get flawless looking skin. Learn to pinpoint conceal and let the clear skin you have look radiant.
  10. Don't let anyone try and tell you that your pale skin is weird that you'd look better with a tan. You will only end up looking like an oompa loompa (until you find one that works and is subtle)
  11. Adding more and more layers to your thin hair does not give it body or make it look thicker. It looks like a mullet.
  12. Don't be afraid to play with and explore makeup. Yes you will make mistakes, but there is only one way to learn what does and doesn't suit you.

Of course this is only a short list of many things I could put on there. I guess I want to know what your beauty blunders are and what you wish you'd known in your earlier years?

Ellen Rozalia xx
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