My Inexpensive Love : DermaVeen Shower and Bath Oil

This is a new type of blog post for me, where I thought I could showcase a particular love of mine. One that's inexpensive and exceeds my expectations, or where I think it's comparable to a higher end product. Today I'm focusing on DermaVeen Shower and Bath Oil.

Transitioning from winter to summer here in the southern hemisphere has wreaked havoc on my skin. So after a sulphate free, nourishing body wash I came across this bath and shower oil and as far as I can tell the only ingredient is Natural Colloidal Oatmeal 5% w/w.

It's a oil with small bits of oatmeal throughout that cleanses and moisturises my skin at the same time and once added to water becomes creamy, like a lot of high-end cleansing oils. Now I use this on a  shower sponge and I find the oatmeal to give that ideal amount of exfoliation without being too much. I've also found its great on the face and dissolves make-up like a dream. It has a sort of almondy smell to it and I've even created my own individual concoction by adding tea tree and lavender oil to a decantered amount of it. This was particularly luxe in a recent bath soak!

After showering your left feeling moisturised and your skin doesn't feel tight or striped like it can with many other cleansers. A huge factor for me was  I didn't want that oily feeling after, which is particularly horrible in an Australian summer, and this product doesn't do that at all.

As far as I can tell this is a new shower must have and will be on a repurchase list for as far as I can see! I purchased this from Chemist Warehouse for a bargain price of $21.39 for an entire 1L of this liquid gold.

So what's your go to shower/bath product at the moment?

Ellen Rozalia xx

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