A Little Kiehl's Moment

It seems to be the case for me that I come up with wish lists for products I keep meaning to try and never get round to. On top of this list were two particular products from Kiehls that I had heard so much about and wanted to try them for myself. So one particular day I took the splurge and took two off the wish list.

The much loved product by bloggers and beauty fanatics Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. I was a little bit sceptical, whether this product would work as I have quite combination/oily skin to begin with, but something I forget often is that you can have oily skin and yet still be dehydrated. Being in my early 20's, I'm obviously not after much in the way of wrinkle reduction, but more in prevention and eliminating dark circles. And yes, I really enjoy using this product. It's deeply hydrating, without having that horrible greasy feel and is very soothing on my eye area. I do prefer to use this at night, as these formulas don't sit too well under make-up.

Next up, we have the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Now I love my serums and oils, so this is right up my alley. After the EssieButton approval, I was set to fall in love with this product and be amazed in the morning post application. However, I'm left a little so so...It is a lovely oil and sinks into the skin nicely but one thing I don't entirely understand is why there is lavender essential oil in it. Yes it is a lovely smell and yes I love lavender, but it can also be a skin irritant. In saying this, I am yet to note any major irrationals from using it, but I am conscious of it, especially as I have acne prone skin. So if you do have sensitive skin, easily irritated skin, I would think twice about purchasing this, or at least try before you buy. So yes I enjoy this concentrate, but no I probably wouldn't purchase again.

I did enjoy the little samples Kiehl's popped in with my online order, which are a great way to sample new products!

Overall I'm not wowed, but will still enjoy using these products. I don't regret buying either of these products and time will tell if the Midnight Recovery Concentrate becomes my friend or my foe...

Do you have any Kiehl's products you recommend?

Ellen Rozalia xx

** Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by me and my opinions are entirely my own.

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