Quick Fix for Chipped Nails

If you're like me, it probably isn't until you sit down at work, on a date or anywhere away from nail polish remover really, that you notice your nails are well and truly chipped. Beyond saving and beyond hiding. It's usually in these situations that you don't want to be that person with your cotton wool pads, furiously scrubbing away at your nails before anyone notices.

This is where I suggest a new release from Beauty Theory, who are now selling a portable, convenient little pot of nail polish soaked sponge with a hole in the middle. Now this isn't something new on the market by any means, with the most notable to mind being the Bourjois 1 Second Magic Nail Polish Remover (Link). Unfortunately for those in Australia, these weren't available in stores.

So what is this offering like I hear you ask.

Does it remove nail polish? Why yes it does.

How well does it remove nail polish? Very well, I was quite impressed! It took a few little finger swirls in the bottle and it did help if I pressed my finger up to the sponge as I swirled my finger, but it left my nails residue  and importantly chip free.

Was it easy to use? Super easy! I think this is something that is hassle free, mess free and should be in reach at all times for the nail conscious.

Plus this Nail Polish Remover is also Acetone Free, so for those with allergies or wanting to steer away from acetone, this could be the perfect little hand bag addition

This will be retailing for $10 AUD for 80ml, so perhaps not the cheapest nail polish remover on the market, with the comparable product on the market being the Maybelline Express Nail Polish Remover $9.95 AUD for 75ml (link), but it does contain that little bit extra and works very efficiently and effectively.

Are you interested in this product? Have you tried similar ones on the market?

Ellen Rozalia xxx

** Disclaimer: This item was supplied to me for consideration, with no requirement to blog about it. As always my opinions remain honest and entirely my own.
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