Rimmel London - Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint - Swatches and Review

I have a thing for cream products. Whether they are blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows - I love them all. For me that creamy texture adds a level of luxury, I'm not sure if that's just me, or I have some odd obsession. So when I saw that Rimmel had released the Scandaleyes Eyeshadow paints, I knew I had to try them out. Unfortunately they weren't quite as excellent as I was hoping they would be and keep reading to find out why.


From the Rimmel UK Website:

"Long wearing eyeshadow for an intense bold look Scandalous colour impact!
It’s the end of dull, subtle colour with this multi-dimensional cream shadow formula
Spatula applicator delivers high intensity coverage in one simple stroke
Waterproof & crease-proof with 8-hour wear"

Mercury Silver - Metallic Silver
Slate Grey - Metallic dark grey
Golden Bronze - Metallic browny gold
Rich Russet - Metallic Brown
Manganese Purple - Metallic Purple


In Natural Sunlight L-R with heavy swatch first and then blended out: Golden Bronze, Slate Grey, Rich Russet

So here's the run down:

Price: I purchased mine on ASOS for $9.22
Weight: 7ml
Packaging: Glass tube with doe foot applicator
Consistency: Quite a thin creamy formula
Fragrance: No notable smell
Application: Doe foot applicator applied directly to the eye and either blended with my finger or a brush
Longevity: I don't know if I have particularly oily eyelids, but these creased on me in a few hours.
Colour Range: Mediocre colour range, but in saying that they are all very wearable shades.
Finish: All metallic in finish and very smooth and easy to blend.

Overall impressions: To be honest I was a little disappointed. I know a lot of bloggers and reviews have raved about how long lasting they are, but on me I found they did crease. I was hoping they would be the Rimmel equivalent to the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's, but unfortunately for me the longevity just wasn't there, even when I did set with a powder. The only way I could get the lasting power I wanted, was with a primer. Another thing I will mention is that they aren't as opaque as I was hoping. When you initially swatch them on your hand, you get that giddy excitement of finding a pigmented product, but sadly when you blend it, so does the intensity. I found you needed around 2-3 coats to get the full impact. So while I will still use and enjoy these, they aren't quite as fantastic as I thought they would be.

Have you tried them? Did you have the same issue with longevity?

Ellen Rozalia xx

*Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own
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