Lust Have it - October 2013

So October has rolled around, which means the lovely discovery of my Lust Have It box by my front door. Now Lust have it is a subscription box that is $19.95, or special deals when you buy 3, 6 or 12 months all at once.

Back to this months box, which is the spring race carnival edition.

So what was in this months box?

Le Tan - Wash off in Bronze (Sample - 40g)
RRP - $14.99 for 100ml
So as I've said in previous posts, I'm not a huge fake-tanner. I think it's something about the commitment involved, the preparation etc. etc. and to be honest, sometimes I'm just a bit lazy about it all. However, this one by Le Tan promises to be streak free and dry in 60 seconds and washes off at the end of the day. Could be the answer the the "special event tan" without the fuss?

Paula's Choice - Oil Blotting papers (Unsure how many..?)
RRP - $10.50 for 100 sheets
Oil blotting papers are always a great hand-bag must. Whether you are fresh from the gym or suffering from an oily slick, blotting papers are great to remove the shine and oil from your face, without adding more product, like say a powder would. Interested to see how efficient these are.

Inika -  Vegan Lip Whip (Full Size)
RRP - $25.00 for 8ml
As a bit of a lip product fanatic, this will make a lovely addition to my collection. This is the promised full size Inika product and if I'm being honest, I was kind of hoping for a face bronzer/blusher. But alas, I'm still quite enjoying it all the same! It has a pleasant sort of raspberry scent, a light tint of colour and is not sticky in the least.

Klorane - Shampoo with Nettle (Sample - 25ml)
RRP - $25.00 for 11ml
I've used one of these samples before, which I received on an online order from Echemist (always make sure you stock up on their samples!). It's pleasant and has a nice herbal scent, but so far it hasn't wowed me. I have oily fine hair and this is supposed to be the product for me, so perhaps a few more uses will prove to yield some real results?

Femme Fatale - Mineral Based Eye Shadow in Masquerade (Sample)
RRP - $3.10 for 10ml 
Make-up products are always a welcome surprise in these boxes and this was no different. Creamy, pigmented and duo-chrome in nature, I'm looking forward to experimenting with this shimmery silvery hue as perhaps an inner-eye-corner highlighter and perhaps a cheek bone illuminator. Might also see what other shades they have available...

Paula's Choice - Earth Sourced Perfectly Natural Cleansing Gel (Full Size)
RRP - $26.60 for 200ml      

I'm running out of my cleansers (Michael Todd Charcoal detox cleanser and Kiehls Ultra facial cleanser), so it will be interesting to see how this works on my acne prone combination skin. I'm usually very wary about gel cleansers as I can find them quite harsh and drying on my skin and was really looking into buying a cleansing balm. However, looking on the back of the bottle it says it can be used on babies and on the eye area, so it must be gentle? Or is that a wrong assumption?

Overall I am quite impressed with this box for the variety and also inclusion of products that haven't been seen before in Lust Have it boxes. So this makes me look forward to finding out what is in next months box!

What did you receive in your box? Impressed?

Ellen Rozalia xx

**Disclaimer - As always my opinions remain entirely honest and everything mentioned in this post was purchased by my own money.

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