Lord & Berry - Soft Touch Concealer - Swatches and Review

As always I'm striving for that Holy Grail concealer. You know that one dreams are made of; that glides onto the skin, has the perfect amount of coverage, doesn't crease, doesn't cling to dry patches and finally matches your skin tone PERFECTLY. Well, I've been sussing out the Lord & Berry Soft Touch concealer for a while and thought, why not?

On a side note, I will have a review of the Lord & Berry 20100 Lipstick Pencils (which I love), so keep an eye out for that one also ;)

So onto this concealer. I was hoping to find a dupe to the raved NARS Creamy Concealer, which I have played around with in Mecca Cosmetica, but am yet to part with my cash....

Without further ado, here's the run down:

From the ASOS Website:
"Soft Touch Concealer by Lord & Berry
  • Long-lasting lightweight fluid concealer to correct discolourations
  • Medium to full coverage with a comfortable, natural matte finish and velvet feel
  • Enriched with raspberry oil and date extract to combat signs of ageing"

Sadly only three shades in this product, which are:
- Ivory (the shade I picked)
- Nature
- Honey


L- R In Natural Light: Heavily Swatched, Blended out 

So here's the run down:

Price: I purchased from ASOS for $20.33

Weight: 6g

Packaging: Plastic tube with screw off wand with doe-foot applicator

Consistency: A very creamy smooth texture.

Fragrance: A pleasant, non-offensive smell. Reminds me a little of Clinique products.

Application: I will say this product is very easily blended into the skin. I dab the doe-foot applicator either directly onto the area I want to conceal or onto the back of my hand and transfer from there. I blend it in with a crease brush for that smooth "airbrushed" look or the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush.

Longevity: I can tend to have oily skin, however didn't have any issues with this smearing or coming off.

Colour Range: Obviously with only three shades in the range, it could be better.

Finish: It has a skin-like finish. On the website it states that it has a matte finish, but happily this wasn't the case, as I can find concealers with a matte finish to look quite unnatural and stand out against the rest of your face.

Overall impressions: Overall I would say I like this product. I particularly enjoyed using this under my eyes. Now one thing I need to point out is that it states it is medium to full coverage - this is definitely not the case. I would say it is light to medium coverage at best. However, if you are looking for more coverage, the best way to achieve that from this product is to either let the product sit on the back of your hand for a little bit, or on the targeted blemish. In doing this I found the concealer became slightly thicker and covered much better. This concealer can also tend to stick to dry patches on the face a little bit, so use a primer on spots to ensure the best effect. So after all that is said, am I still glad I purchased it? Yes, it will make a lovely addition to my collection. Is it my Holy Grail concealer? Not quite. Am I still going to strive for that golden prized concealer? Without a doubt!

Have you found a Holy Grail Concealer? What do you use?

Ellen Rozalia xx

*Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own
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