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RPR is not a company I had heard of before, but that is definitely going to change. After using a few of there products over the past weeks, I will be seeing what else they have to offer. For reference I have fine, flat, mid length hair and have tried basically everything to achieve thicker, more voluminous hair. From the shampoos that strip my hair and "rough" up the follicles to create volume, to the sprays and powders that end up weighing my hair down, I've never quite managed to find products that just work how I want them to. So when given the chance to try these products, I thought why not?

So first thing first, RPR is an Australian owned family based company of 30 years. It is also made in Australia and not tested on animals. With many companies based overseas, it was lovely to know of a company that was based and made their products in Australia.

With my fine, limp hair I was matched with the Pump Up My Volume Shampoo,  the Pump Up My Volume Conditioner and the Protect My Hair spray.


RPP Pump Up My Volume Shampoo

First impressions:
The shampoo smells refreshingly of frangipani and lime, which being summer is very fitting. The shampoo had a nice not overly thick luxurious lather, which I prefer when compared to most shampoos. I worked it from the back of my head to the front and it left my hair feeling clean, but not stripped.

After three weeks:
I'm still using this Shampoo, which is a testament to how much I enjoyed it. My hair doesn't feel stripped or damaged and the cuticles don't feel "roughed up" which is how many volumising product work. I'm putting it down to RPR blending both their Shampoo and Conditioners with proteins and copolymers, which instead of "swelling" the hair, it naturally thickens it instead.I'm also very pleased with how effective it is at removing product build up and generally cleansing my hair without being drying.

RPR - Pump Up My Volume Conditioner
First Impressions:
I followed up the shampooo with the conditioner, which also has a lovely frangipani and lime fragrance, and they recommend working from roots to tips. Now having fine, oily hair I was skeptical of doing this as it usually results in oily hair within hours. However, for the sake of following directions I complied. Now the conditioner felt nourishing but not overly thick as I worked it through my hair.

After three weeks of use:
One of the first things I noticed is that my hair doesn't feel as greasy or oily after being freshly washed as it does with some conditioners. It feels nourished and conditioned, but not weighed down and certainly not oily at my roots, which surprised me seeing as I've been massaging into my scalp.

 RPR Protect My Hair:
First Impressions:
After rinsing, I towel dried my hair and sprayed the Protect my Hair liberally through the mid and end lengths of my hair, . This product smells pleasantly of berries and also claims to shield the hair from heat of up to 220 degrees, be non-greasy and weightless. So to put this to the test I followed with my lazy version of a blow dry; consisting of blasting my hair till 80% dry, then running a round brush through and finishing off with another blast. Now I have to say I was surprised with how much volume I had, yet how my hair looked conditioned, but not oily. My hair also felt thicker, which was a lovely as I've always had quite fine hair.

After 3 weeks:
This has become a go to post washing my hair, and also in between. I spray liberally over the hair after towel drying and I've gone with the suggestion as using it as a "refresher" in between washes. It seems to add a sort of Oopmh  to my hair somehow and perhaps add a bit of life back, which is certainly never a bad thing in my book!

Overall I'm very happy with these products. My hair feels the thickest it ever has and I'm having more good hair days than I thought possible outside of a movie. I've also notice less breakages, which as I haven't changed anything else in my routine, must be down to these products. I also haven't felt the need to wash my hair as much, which is again another side benefit.

All of these products are available on the RPR website.

Have you tried RPR products?

Ellen Rozalia xx

Disclaimer: Products were supplied for consideration with no obligation to review/blog about. All opinions are entirely honest.
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