Paula's Choice Splurge!

I'd like to start this post with apologising for being MIA for the last few weeks. Unfortunately academic life has frizzled and frazzled my mind, as well as dwindling my time away, but I am now back! So thank you to those who have continued to trawl through previous posts, it is much appreciated!!

Ok so all this work, as time consuming as it has been, hasn't stopped my need to shop. So the next few posts I'm planning on playing catch up with my splurges and today is from Paula's Choice.

Now for those of you who aren't aware the Australian division of Paula's Choice faced a dispute with the American team, I believe?, so they've been selling off stock at a hugely discounted price. I'm not sure if they still have stock left, but you can phone them on 1800 819 566 from a landline and give them a buzz.

Ok so on with my splurge! *Please note prices mentioned are the discounted prices*

Exfoliants - $15.00
Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution is one that I have already reviewed and loved, so couldn't wait to get my hands on the full size product. This also lead to me to want to try the Extra-Strength version - Extra Strength  Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution. Then of course I wanted to try out the Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid , which I am yet to try, but have high hopes for this product.

Masks - $12.00
I'm a bit of a mask addict so went with trying the Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask, which is a lovely thick thoroughly moisturising mask that helps to eliminate dry spots. I also picked up the Skin Balancing Oil- Absorbing Mask, which is a clay based mask that draws out impurities, but isn't overly drying as some can be.

Clinical - $15.00
Always striving for the perfect body butter, I couldn't go past the Clinical Ultra-Rich Soothing Body Butter, which is all the title. A lovely thick body butter that sinks into the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated, but not greasy.


Treatment - $20.00, Serum - $21.00
I'm still yet to give these products the proper try out, as I believe over loading the skin can actually hinder the effectiveness of the products and sometimes even leave the skin worse off. I did pick up the RESIST Pure Radiance Skin Brightening Treatment and also the Skin Recovery Super-antioxidant Concentrate Serum. So I will keep you posted on how those go!

Is there anything you are interested in trying from Paula's Choice?

Ellen Rozalia xx

**Disclaimer - All items mentioned were purchased by me and all opinions are honest and my own
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