Brush Washing Day

It's come around again to that day I tend to put off longer than I really should. If you're a brush addict like me, then this task can easily turn into a chore. However, once I get started there really is a therapeutic nature to it. Trust me! Especially when you use the Dr Bronner's Magic Soap in Lavender

Plus there is no need for any fancy gadgets or tools, other than a good quality liquid soap and a wash cloth. This is by far the best method I have tried to thoroughly clean your brushes, without damage. To begin I decant some of my liquid soap into a small container, which makes it far easier to clean brushes on mass! I then drape my wash cloth over the edge of my sink and use each corner for a different purpose. This may sound a bit OTT, but this ensures you don't mix the "dirty" side with the clean. I use one corner to work the soap into the brushes after a quick dip into the soap. I then slightly wet the brush and use the next corner to help break down any make-up residues. The third little corner is for the deep cleanse, where I soak the brush and  the little corner with water and wash away the make up.

The final little corner is used to ensure all soap is removed and there aren't any traces of make-up left.

To dry my brushes I lay out a towel and let the tips hang over the edge of my counter.

Some side little tips are:
  • Use warm,  not hot, water to wash your brushes. Otherwise you run the risk of melting any glue holding the hairs in place
  • Try to wash your brushes facing down to minimise the risk of water ending up in the ferrule part of the brush

Do you have any other tips you use?

Ellen Rozalia xx
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