Favourite or Forget It - BB Creams

Alphabet creams have been all the rage in current years in the beauty industry and it can be mind boggling to say the least! Essentially
they are glorified tinted moisturisers with added skincare benefits. Don't get me wrong, they can be marvellous products and have weaselled their way into my collection, but some are better than others. Being fair-skinned usually rules out any drug store BB creams as they tend to lean too dark, despite labelled 'fair' , and regardless I still have tried them for comparison to Korean Cult offerings.

The Favourites

Probably the Holy Grail of all BB Creams would be the Glow Time by Jane Iredale (link). Think glowy skin, but with very very good coverage! It blends beautifully and their shade range is fantastic, especially if you are pale like me (shade reference BB1). This is my pick of the bunch, especially when I have a bit more to cover.

Next up would be the Skin 79 Super BB Creams in the Pink (link) and Gold (link). These blend seamlessly into the skin and offer good coverage without oxidising on the skin. They also self adjust to you skin, so they suit my very pale, but also my mum's more tan complexion.

Onto the CC cream from Rachel K (link), which yes, is technically a CC not BB cream, but really the purpose of the product is much for muchness. This does well to blend and colour correct the skin, as well as adjust to the complexion. However, I would say slightly less coverage than the Skin 79.

Finally in the favourites we have the CC cream from Bourjois (link). A lovely, but more sheer coverage cream that I often use under a foundation as a more colour correcting base, or by itself on a good skin day. I will have to say that this definitely leans darker than the others so I can only really wear this one in summer.

Forget It

Sadly we can't always love what we buy and these did not make the cut. To me, these are really just tinted moisturisers and personally I wasn't a fan. The Nude by Nature BB 5-in 1 Miracle Cream (link) has very sheer coverage and sometimes leaves more of a sticky feel to the skin, which especially in summer is not something I welcome.

Now we have the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (link) and the Dream Pure BB Cream(link). They claim to be 8- in-1, but for me they didn't really do much of anything. Little to no coverage and a tendency to cling to dry patches put these two in the forget it pile. You could perhaps use them as a base for your foundation, but their shade range let them down when you are at the pale end of the spectrum and I was left looking more orange faced than flawless.

This is a new series I'm thinking of featuring on my blog, with a quick run down of my "Favourite or Forget It" for a given product. Let me know what you think and if you have any future suggestions :)

Do you use BB creams, if so, what do you recommend?

Ellen Rozalia xx

** Disclaimer: These items were purchased by me and my reviews remain honest and entirely my own.
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