A Spikey Experience with Cactus Skincare


I've been absent from the blogging world for a little while due to study commitments, but be rest assured I've been filling every spare moment with beauty!

I was feeling in a skincare rut and thought I'd like to try out some new products. I've heard a lot about MV Skincare, but outlaying quite an extensive amount of  money seemed risky (have you tried MV skincare..?). So when I came across Cactus Skincare (link) that offer a $5 AUD sample pack, inclusive of shipping, it seemed pretty perfect. On a side note, I love companies that offer sample packs or small trial sizes of products to try before you invest!

In the post arrived a very beautifully packaged sample envelope with 15ml of their Lemon Myrtle Cleanser, Nature's Anti-Oxidant Creme, Light Balancing Creme and the White Clay Mask. Now Cactus Skincare pride themselves on being Natural and Organic, which is right up my alley. They also sent numerous emails with details on how to use their products and a skincare regime, which I thought was lovely and created that personal touch.

My only concern with some natural based products, is that they can be overly filled with essential oils, which to me can take away from the natural benefits of the other ingredients- especially if you have sensitive skin.

Unfortunately, whilst I loved the consistency of the products, the use of such potent essential oils detracted from my positive experience. I have acne prone, dry combination skin, however it can cope with retinol treatment and other AHA and BHA ingredients. So it was strange that when using these products I experienced a stinging sensation and redness. This was particularly noticeable when I went to try the Mask and it immediately began to irritate my skin - and not in a pleasant AHA tingle- kind-of-way. So I went to work at the ingredients list. The only things that were different from my usual regime is the inclusion of lemon essential oil and orange essential oil which both comprise of limonene which dissolves skins protective oils. Also lavender essential oil which studies have linked with cytotoxicity, skin irritation and allergenic reactions.  It makes me wonder why these were included to begin with!? And also highlights how natural isn't always best.

So unfortunately not such a rave review for me this time, however browsing on their website they seem to have lots of very favourable reviews. Perhaps just not for me. If they were to release new products without mentioned essential oils, I would definitely give Cactus Skincare another go. It's just a shame that they have the base of a lovely product, that just falls short of the mark due to one too many additions.

Ellen Rozalia xx

**Disclaimer: All items mentioned were purchased by me and my opinions remain honest and entirely my own.
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