A Bite Into My Obsession


If you've guessed already - I'm obsessed with lip colour. Lip stains, lipstick, lip lacquer, lip pencils - honestly whatever you can offer me. So finding an "edible" lipstick with food grade ingredients, was really made for me.

Bite Beauty offer a range of vibrant colours and products ranging from the cult agave lip mask, lip sticks and lip pencils with various finishes. I purchased the Luminous Creme Lipsticks  AUD $37 (link) from I Am Natural Store (link) and even managed to score a few shades discounted. They aren't exactly cheap, but they aren't YSL prices either. The pigmentation and wearability do make it worth while however, and you'll be hard-pressed to limit your shade selection.

L to R: Bouquet, Rose, Fig, Vento, Vigne, Zivoli, Mulberry.

I find I get a decent few hours wear time, however reapplication after after eating is required. I do find a slight staining effect on the lips due to the level of pigmentation in these lipsticks and the moisture levels make them a joy to wear. As with any creamy formulation, there is a slight concern regarding smearing, but patting with a tissue or dusting with translucent powder resolved this ever so slight issue.

The alternation of the cap shape according to the colour family of the lipstick, you can give or take. To be honest it makes storage a pain and I'd rather they had a shade swatch instead. Bite Beauty also use the inclusion of Resveratrol as an ingredient to be a selling point aka marketing ploy, but honestly the amount you would ingest would be so minimal, that let's just say eat a handful of berries instead. With that aside, they really are lovely lipsticks and my main issue? Choosing just one.

Ellen Rozalia xx

**Disclaimer: All items mentioned were purchased by me and my opinions remain honest and entirely my own.
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