Josie Maran - Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil Duo Swatches and Review

I really wanted to love this product. And sure, at times I did. But is it worth faffing about 80% of the time in order to use it?

Let me clarify - this product separates. When I first went to use the product, I thought, you know this happens, it's just a bit of oil at the top. After mushing the tube together for a solid 5 minutes though, trial after trial, it seemed to have mixed and I applied a dab on my cheeks and another bit on my lips.

I was chuffed with the results. A hint of dewy flushed glow on the cheeks and moisturised tinted lips. I will however say that if wearing on a breezy day, beware of the irksome hair to lipgloss stickiness, except hair to cheeks. But back on track, I was loving the finish of this product and what it added to my overall look. I couldn't wait to experiment with it more the next day. Yet, my hopes faded when out squeezed pure argan oil, instead of the creamy product it's meant to be. Being in a bit of a rush, I passed on spending the next 5 minutes trying to remix the product again.

After a few weeks of using this formula, I seem to have more issues with the shade Everlasting Honey than the Timeless Coral. I'm not sure why this is the case or if I have a faulty product, but it definitely makes me think twice about using it.

I bought this duo from Mecca Cosmetica (link) for $20 and whilst not  a complete waste, I probably wouldn't purchase any more. My skin is learning dry these days, however if you have combination/ oily skin I would give this a miss.

Ellen Rozalia xx

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