Burberry Beauty Ships to Australia - For FREE!


Watching, listening and reading about international beauty bloggers rave about Burberry Beauty products can be envy inducing. Being in Australia has it's perks, but mostly in terms of sourcing beauty products it can feel like being a complete outsider. Whilst it is getting much better, we still don't have the ease of access that many countries seem to. Sephora arriving in Sydney was meant to be a God send, but really ended up being quite the disappointment.

Being on the search for the much talked about Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation, think Lily Pebbles' beloved foundation, the only stockist is David Jones. And they were out of my shade. And only physically available in Sydney. My next stop was Burberry Online AU Store, which previously did not allow shipping of beauty products. Till now. With FREE shipping. AND gorgeous gift wrapping. I mean truly gorgeous (link).

So if you're like me and begrudge the lack of access to some brands, look elsewhere. Shop around. Do your research. Obviously make sure they are a reputable stockist/seller, and if you can get it cheaper overseas, why not? The Australian beauty market is only going to change if they have to and consumers demand it.

On another note, Charlotte Tilbury will shortly be available in Australia! Even though you have been able to buy it from the likes of Beautylish, in person swatching will be a joy. However, lets hope the prices are right, otherwise I'll continue to shop online.....

What are your thoughts on this issue?

P.S. Look out for my Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation coming soon....

Ellen Rozalia xx

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