Hair & Me Rejuvenation Treatment Review

Hair masks have always been a bit of an unknown for me. With my fine, straight hair, I thought that the only outcome would be even more lank, weighed down hair. But when I was offered the opportunity to try an all natural oil based mask, I thought why not?

I'm certainly glad I did and I can't wait to explore other mask options too!

Back to the Rejuvenation Treatment by Hair & Me (link). It contains only pure coconut oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil and jojoba oil and it aims to repair, moisturise and strengthen hair and scalp. Whilst I found it truly nourishing to my strands and scalp, there were a few pointers I would like to mention. Firstly you apply to damp hair and leave on for around 45 minutes. I highly recommend that you chill the mask before use and ensure that your hair is almost towel dried. Plus a disposable shower cap is a god send if you plan on sitting somewhere and don't want oil droplets everywhere. I actually recommend applying after you shower and sleeping over night with it on. I use an old towel over my pillow and it works a treat.

The other thing I will mention is that when they say shampoo twice, they mean it. If you aren't thorough in this process, yes there will be oil residue which will weigh your hair down. I was dubious that shampooing twice would strip the hair once again, but I did find that my strands still felt nourished and even quite shiny. I also liked how it conditioned my scalp, which I certainly appreciate and enjoyed. Sometimes I even use a little in the shower before shampooing and massage into my scalp and hair, which if you aren't able to leave in overnight or for 45 minutes, is a great quick option.

This is definitely a product to have on hand when you are enjoying a spa day, or have some time spare at the end of a busy week. If you love all natural products that work, I highly recommend looking into it.

Hair & Me Rejuventation Treatment Mask retails for $19.95 and can be purchased here. Hair & Me also offer a range of other products, such as shampoo, conditioner and de-tangling brushes (link).

Ellen Rozalia xx

** Disclaimer: The product mentioned was sent to me for consideration, however as always my opinions remain entirely my own and honest.
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