My Top 7 Favourite Acid-Based Products

The word acid has very strong connotations, however that doesn't mean the use of it has to.There are so many different types of acid, from lactic-acid - the most hydrating, to salicylic acid- great for blemishes. And I'm a huge fan of including them in my daily skincare routine. So I thought it was time to share what I use.

Ultraderm - Skin Renew Cleanser
You'll notice a few products here from Ultraderm and there's a good reason why. They offer high quality, science base products that are no-nonsense. They do what they say they will and you notice the results. This cleanser contains lactic, salicylic and glycolic acid and helps to exfoliate the skin without being abrasive.
$48.95 AUD for 200ml at Facial Co. (link)

Skinstitut - L-Lactic Cleanser
Skinsitut is another great brand to look into and I've thoroughly been enjoying their lactic acid based cleanser. It's very gentle, hydrating and yet still cleanses thoroughly. I use this particularly when my skin is feeling on the dryer side. My only gripe with this product is that it contains Ammonium lauryl sulfate and hence has a tendency to foam a little - not a huge issue, but I feel the product would be better without it.
$45.00 AUD for 200ml at Adore Beauty (link)

Ultraderm - Skin Karma Cleanser
If you have particularly sensitive skin and yet wouldn't mind adding some acid into your routine, this might be for you. It's a creamy consistency with lactic acid and I find it very soothing, yet effective to use.
$48.95 AUD for 200ml at Facial Co. (link)

Paula's Choice - Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution
This is a must have product that has multiple uses for me as it contains 2% salicylic acid. I use this daily after cleansing to help keep blemishes, blackheads and spots at bay. I also use this to prevent in-grown hairs and reduce the unsightly little red bumps that I can sometimes get on my upper arms.
$32.00 AUD for 118ml at Paula's Choice AU (link)

Maskd - The Green Mask*
I use this every couple of weeks and I really enjoy the results. It helps to clear and smooth my complexion and is a little life-saver if you're skin is in less than perfect condition before a special occasion. I find my make-up applies much better the day after using this.
$49.95 AUD for 50ml at Maskd (link)

Alpha-H -  Liquid Gold
They do call this a "facial in a bottle" for a reason. It's applied at night after cleansing with a cotton pad and left overnight (no moisturiser over the top) and you genuinely will feel that your skin looks brighter and clearer. I will add that you can overdo it much easier with glycolic acids and to limit it's use to a couple of times a week.
$59.95 AUD for 100ml at Adore Beauty (link)

Ultraderm - Dual Treatment Mask with 15% Glycolic Acid
This product is really the big gun from the lot. With 15% glycolic acid, you certainly will feel the tingle when you apply this to your face. But it works. Obviously be careful not to overdo it and I tend to use this one about once a month. It's a thorough chemical exfoliation, which I actually really enjoy, and actually helps to reduce and prevent pigmentation, as well as fine lines. And when they say leave for 10 minutes, I really recommend timing it!
$74.95 AUD for 100ml at Facial Co. (link)

What are your favourite acid-based products? 

Ellen Rozalia xx

**Disclaimer: All items mentioned, with exception to ones with (*) were purchased by me. Regardless, as always my opinions remain honest and entirely my own.
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