Make-Up Must Have - Isopropyl Alcohol

It's a product you definitely do not buy for the packaging. But it's a necessity for anyone wanting to maintain and look after their make-up. This multi-purpose product wouldn't be immediately associated with the make-up world, but once you learn how it can be used, I'm sure you'll make sure you always have it in reach.

I decant mine into a spray bottle, which for me is much more functional. The main ways in which I use isopropyl alcohol include:

  • Resetting broken pressed powders - Simply apply enough isopropyl alcohol to the broken product to form a paste and then press back into it's container/compact. Leave the powder at least overnight, or until all the alcohol has evaporated off. 
  • Cleaning brushes - This is used all over the make-up world to disinfect brushes and ensure they are safe to use for each client. This obviously doesn't dismiss a proper cleanse with soap and water, but for spot cleansing and disinfecting it is perfect
  • Disinfecting make-up - Whether you've had a product for a little while, accidentally used a dirty brush, or using makeup on someone else, it's highly recommended that you spray especially pressed products with isopropyl alcohol to ensure they are safe to use. Doing this regularly, even on your own collection, will also ensure they last longer.

There are of course many other uses for isopropyl alochol, but you get the gist... and I do love my multi-purpose products!

There are many different brands you can buy, but the Isocol featured can be purchased in supermarkets, priceline etc. for about AUD$9.99 for 345ml.

Ellen Rozalia xx
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