On the Desk Beauty: Jamberry Nails


 Any new product that comes within my clutches inevitably ends up on my desk. It's the beauty hub of my room and it's where I apply, try and make up my mind about it all.

The latest product is the Jamberry nail wraps. Now I've tried nail wraps in the past and honestly wasn't blown away by them. They felt very flimsy on the nails and peeled off quite quickly.

The Jamberry wraps feel like a whole other ball game though. They have a sturdiness to them and a much stronger grip to the nail. The application process and the heat makes the difference I think and reminds me a little bit of using shellac nail polishes - but a lot easier!

To begin with I used nail polish remover to ensure that the nail surface was clean and dry. I then measured my nails up against the wraps to determine which size would be best for each nail and cut each strip in half width ways. I highly recommend that if in doubt and can't decide between two sizes - go for the smaller one. That way you'll avoid any excess wrap that hangs over the side of the nail.

The lovely Erin from Jamberry also recommended that after cutting the wraps in half, use the end of the silicone cuticle pusher to pick up each wrap and hold over the hair dryer to heat. I found it only took a few seconds for the wrap to become softer and more malleable ready for application. It took a little bit of practice in aligning the wraps on the nail, but wasn't too difficult overall. You then use the a soft nail pusher to press an smooth the wrap over the nail. Trimming the excess and filing off the edges and you're almost there. Just hold your finger over the hair dryer/heat and press the wrap onto the nail to seal it all.

Overall, I was really happy with the results and being able to create such a nail statement with ease and speed. I do think that they work better on longer nails however, as it was a little more difficult to file off the edges on my shorter nails. I also definitely recommend keeping a small pair of sharp scissors handy in this instance to precisely cut off the edges. But even on my short nails, I've managed to complete all my daily activities and have not had any peeling or any hint that they need removing.

My only criticism is that I wish they did more sizes - having baby sized nails, it became a little bit of a push trying to make them fit as I worked my way down toward my pinky fingers. With that aside, I'm still really impressed with the Jamberry nail wraps and can see why they were so popular overseas. From what I gather, Jamberry do an Arbonne type selling approach where you can host parties and play with the wraps - and their other products. Importantly, you can also buy these online from their website (link), which makes the whole experience very easy and convenient.

They retail online $22 AUD and depending on your nail size etc. you should be able to get anywhere from 1-3 uses from each sheet.

Have you tried the Jamberry nail wraps?

Ellen Rozalia xx

**Disclaimer: Items mentioned were provided to me for consideration, however as always my opinion remains honest and entirely my own.
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