New Year Beauty Resolutions
I only just got the hang of writing 2014 and now it's 2015. So I also think it's time to refresh and refocus on beauty. With all the hecticness of the past few months behind, I thought it would be a perfect time to share what I plan on doing, and not doing, in respect to beauty for the year to come.

  1. Take More Risks - It's so easy to get in a make-up rut and create pretty much the same look day in and day out. This year I want to embrace brighter hues and create more bold looks. After all, it really is only make-up and can be removed.
  2. Buy Less and Use More - It's so easy to pop in for one thing and return with many. So this year, I'm sticking to my Wish List Items. Basically I've started up a spreadsheet with any items I come across that I really quite fancy. I pop them in, date it and put the price next to it. This way it's easier to budget for and does curb some of those impulse or hyped products.
  3. Explore More of My Collection - I really do have more make-up than I truly need, but it's a passion of mine and something I collect. The problem arises when you sort of forget what you have and move on to the next new thing. So expect more reviews on old favourites and those products that we all may have forgotten about.

So it's a short list this year, so hopefully one I can stick to!

What is on your Beauty Resolutions list for 2015?

Ellen Rozalia xx
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