Inspiration Found in my Beauty Room

I'm lucky enough at present to have space for my own beauty room. For me it's an inspirational space, where I can feel free to be creative, relax and generally just enjoy myself with make-up. However, I was desperate for something to fill a blank wall. I wanted something timeless, unique and uplifting. After spending hours online, and I'm really talking days, I came across the lovely Irenne behind Inspiration Never Ends on Etsy (link).

I first purchased two originals the size above and a smaller one, but once I received them so beautifully packaged and skillfully made I wanted more. So I contacted Irenne to see if I could commission  few more to have a complete set. I loved Irenne's work and knew she could create some beautiful pieces based on some vintage-esque photo's I had come across. Irenne was truly an absolute joy to work with. She kept me informed the entire way and was lovely enough to send me photo updates throughout.

I had trouble taking photo's to really encompass how lovely these are, but for me, the end result is truly stunning and is absolutely what I had envisioned.

Ellen Rozalia xx
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