What I've Learnt from My Favourite Beauty Bloggers/YouTubers


To begin, I'm a total YouTube addict. I have my favourites and I log in religiously to see what's new and what they've posted. So you get to 'know' them a little and what their habits are. My top viewed would be Lily Pebbles (link) , Vivianna Does Makeup (link), Sharron Farrel (link) and Karima from Shameless Fripperies (link) . Thinking about it, they all have things in common.

1. They stick to what they love. They have their favourites and they try out other products, but they don't appear overly frivolous with new products and new launches. Some viewers/ readers might find repetition in the use of products irritating and annoying, but for me it cements their opinions - can you really LOVE a product and then only use it once..?

2. They know their skin. I think it's so very important that we get to grips with what works for our skin, what aggravates it and what works a treat. It's so easy to fall into the trap of trying new products with crazy claims, when really we need to strip our routines right back and focus on the basics.

3. They know what they like and what they don't like. Unlike some out there who seem only to please the PR companies who send them products, these girls aren't afraid to say what they do and don't like. They get to the point and I really appreciate that.

4. They are down to earth. They realise that we all don't have cashed up bank accounts and that you just "have to go and get this new product!". They don't add to that artificial hype and are happy to choose an old favourite over the latest launch if the effect is similar. They also offer cheaper alternatives, which I love, because sometimes as much as you want Tom Ford, we really can only afford Rimmel.

What makes a Blogger or YouTuber a favourite in your books?

Ellen Rozalia xx

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